Sunday, September 15, 2013

Latest saga with the cable bill

I have since written corporate, and received a voice mail message on Friday, advising me that they are available by phone 24/7 to resolve any issues (um . . I called FOUR times!) but if I want to just pay what would be owed for the current month (yes-that has continued to be my request, to just pay WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY DUE!), please submit $121.02. Sigh.

So, I called today (the date that the bill is due, or would it have been due 9/4 as one of the customer reps told me during call # 2 or was it # 3?), as I didn't have my note that I wrote, stating what the amount due would be. Fine. Customer rep confirmed the cost. I asked to pay over the phone with my CC, to ensure that my account would remain in good standing. She could, but there is a $10 fee. Ugh. Luckily, I could also do it on line, at no cost, which is what I ended up doing. 

So, now we stand at an increase from $112. 84 (can't remember the exact change amount) to $121.02 with taxes applied to both. Not thrilled with any increase, especially considering how little I watch TV. This is still under the budget axe, as I told the kids, and I may just drop down to plain old basic cable. We're located in the woods so cable is a must in order to get any reception. Call this an $8 increase for now, with a free monthly trial of Netflix. Still not sure if we'll keep that either.

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Belinda said...

Hi Carol!

Hope you are doing well.

I saw this post and had to comment.

My brother in law has no cable TV and only has Netflix hooked up to his TV. We were over there just a couple of days ago and got to see it firsthand. You would not have the benefit of cable TV or local channels, but your boys could watch all that Netflix has to offer without having to mail the DVDs back and forth. So, for just the cost of a monthly Netflix fee, you can have movies anytime you want them.

If you're like me you get most of your news online anyway, so not having TV wouldn't matter to you.

I just wanted to mention it. :)