Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's started already!

 (Slightly fuzzy photo, sorry)-the A/C window units were removed recently, stored away, glass storm panels brought down on windows. Next up: weatherization measures. First: grab the draft dodgers and place them in the windows (note to self: make more this year. Supplies on hand, check)
 Flannel door curtain installed in the front kitchen entrance. I made a tie back today, using the rest of some cotton, wide seam binding that I inherited. It's yellow, a color I can't wear so I know that this A) was an inherited/gifted sewing notion and B) won't later be needed.
 Second entry off of the kitchen into the uninsulated porch/dining room: blue fleece curtain installed. Cut a ribbon for a tie back, it hangs loosely on the right hand side for now.

Beige and white check, flannel door curtain installed between the living room and uninsulated dining room. I also made a tie back, hanging loosely on the dining room side for now, using inherited/gifted, wide width, cotton seam binding in a dark beige. Perfect for my needs.

This week, I'd like to get the rest of the flannel curtains up, the new set of insulated drapes/liners up (my room or the boy's room-still have to decide) and then cover up the windows of whichever room doesn't get the new thermal panels.  Next up will be to make more draft dodgers. Then, put up plastic on the storm doors that are screens, no glass panels. Finally, arrange to get 6 ml plastic up on windows.

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