Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's been a crazy week, what's been on the menu

I previously posted Monday's salmon and Tuesday's pasta and meatball suppers. Wednesday ended up being broiled turkey burgers on rolls, corn on the cob. Thurs it was a sandwich for me, as I had to go back to work for Open house night. Nice to see the parents, a very rough, long day for me. Friday, I returned home to a power outage: car vs utility pole knocked out power around 11 that morning. We didn't get it back on until dark-about 8or so. No power, no water. I ordered pizza and a salad from the town next door. Me and all 4 of the kids ate, so it worked out. Today, I am trying to regroup still, one kidlet seems to be fighting a sinus infection, hope no one else falls ill. We all suffer with allergies this time of year with mold and ragweed.

Lunch today:

Canned baked beans from the Dollar tree, fzn hotdogs (sale plus cpn deal) pan fried in reserved pork fat, served in DT buns. Choice of condiments.

Dinner was split pea soup with saltines.

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BlissfulButterfly said...

I, too, suffer from severe seasonal allergies. If I don't nip them in the bud once they start, I end up getting really sick and stuck in bed for days, sometimes even with a fever. My doctor wanted to put me on Singulair, but the pharmacy didn't offer a generic version so, I would've ended up paying over $100 and I didn't want to do that so I ended up buying generic Claritin over the counter. I started noticing this past Tuesday that my allergies were starting to kick in so I've been taking a "Claritin" every night and I feel so much better than I normally would had I been taking something else. Although, I have wanted to try Allegra or Zyrtec, but I don't want to risk it not working and then feeling worse. Hope you all are able to nip yours in the bud too.