Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I can see my sewing now

Having recently just dug in and addressed multiple mending items, I am now better able to see just what I have and I have sorted out several options for upcoming sewing, Christmas.  To the left is material for sleeping pants, patterns for those as well as a pattern to make some new aprons (already have fabric). To the right rear is a stack of possible fabrics for more draft dodgers. In front, a stack of what I am calling red and black fabrics.
 More fabrics, including brown and pink in rear, yellow and blue in front.  I hope to start a quilt of some sort, using these fabrics, as well as some too small, woven men's shirts that the twins outgrew.
Below my table is a new bag of quilt batting (love Savers!) as well as 2 trash bags of polyfill for a pillow project/draft dodgers (for which I will also use narrow strips of old flannel nighties, as I have too many cut up for dusting rags).

Using what I have on hand is essential!

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Good luck on the quilting. I have a top hand pieced that just needs about 8 more squares made. I also have a smaller quilt that I am machine piecing -- I made cutting mistakes and ran out of one fabric so now I need to brainstorm my way out of that situation. I have an almost identical, but not quite, fabric that could be employed. At the rate I am going, these could become two or three generation quilts--that's when your daughter or granddaughter ends up quilting the tops you pieced! My surviving daughter is not the one who liked to sew, although she does some great cross stitch! Granddaughter won't be at that stage of life for a while yet either. I have seen quilt tops which incorporate either embroidered pieces like you are thinking of using for pillows, or also lace doilies incorporated into quilts, too. More ideas! I have a lot of scraps of flannel saved from making pj's and nightgowns that I thought would make a good baby quilt--someday when I'm too old to be good for anything else, I guess.