Saturday, September 28, 2013

Home Depot run

I had decided that in addition to the extra set of insulating panels for the windows in my room, that I'd invest in some for the boy's room as well. Everyone must have the same idea, as I could only buy 2 of the 3 pairs that I need. I also bought some replacement spotlight bulbs. Since we moved here, we haven't been able to turn the outside lights on, instead relying upon porch lights to illuminate the driveway area. Landlord couldn't advise as to where the switch was, if they even worked, and refused to pay the electrician to figure this out.

By accident, I found out how to turn on the side flood lights and the rear deck flood lights. Since the remaining flood light unit is without bulbs (the front one), i can only assume that these are all connected and would work also. Meanwhile, more bulbs on hand for when the handyman is next here.

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