Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Filling a need

Rummaging through my sewing, I came across these 2 cross stitch samplers. I need to make a pillow for my cream colored glidder rocker in my room, for the small of my back. I remember using a now long gone, blue pillow when this was my nursing chair. The purple iris will look nice in my purple decorated room, so I plan on using some on hand fabric, to make a pieced together back, some on hand, repurposed poly fill (think this was from DD's cheapo WM bed pillows) and creating a pillow for my chair for nothing.

I also came across this bird sampler cross stitch. Red is my accent color in the living room, so I may make a pillow for that room as well. Otherwise, it may become a gift pillow for Mom for Christmas.

Here is my selection of cotton twill pant cut offs that I plan on using for the pillow backs. Previously, several commented that I shouldn't use it for quilting, so I've held on to it for mending as it is good, strong fabric.

Speaking of mending, here's tonight's quick mending:

A favorite pair of all cotton boxers, previously mended already as seen in the top left of the photo. Tonight, as I pulled dried clothes off of the clothes horses, I noted that there was a few missing lines of threads that hold the cloth to the elastic waist band. A minute on my machine, done.

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