Thursday, September 5, 2013

Filling in some MAJOR gaps, and paying in CASH!

A nice chunk towards a reimbursement owed to me, was given to me last night, enabling me to take advantage of being in the city for my PT appointment, and dashing over to the stores afterwards, in an effort to seek out any bargains, as well as to fill some of the major gaps in the food stores department.

First up: Stop and Shop

 20 lbs each of unbleached, all purpose flour and baking flour. Both were on sale, and the bread flour was even cheaper than what I pay at Xpect. I also grabbed 5 lbs sugar. I finally came across "golden syrup" a teeny bottle, imported from England. Appears to be a sugar syrup used in baking. At $4.79 a small bottle, I simply looked and passed. Several recipes on line call for it, so I was curious to finally find it.

2 pkgs marked down rolls: sesame seeded, Kaiser and soft Portugese. I also bought a loaf of bread: normally $3.99, (ridiculous price), it was on sale for $2.99. I had a $1 off coupon and a dollar doubler (been a while) so I paid 99 cents out the door. In comparing honey wheat, whole wheat and the whole grain white  I selected, I discovered that the whole grain white has the most fiber of all the varieties.

 Dairy: 2 Bailys creamers, a small 4 pack of individual organic yogurts (perfect for a mid morning snack at work), a quart low fat vanilla yogurt, light sour cream, stick margarine.
 I hit the lottery when it came to meat markdowns: 4 family packs of 80% ground beef @ $1.99/lb, 2 pkgs of sweet Italian sausages @ $1.49 ea, 4 pkgs of stew beef @ $3.16/lb. The stew meat goes for $4.99 yet was on sale @ $4.49 before marked downs, Ital sausage is $3.49 usually, the ground beef sells for $4.39 yet was on sale @ $2.79. In addition to the $2/pkg coupons, I had a $2 off a $5 meat purchase store coupon and a $5 off your $30 order coupon. I really worked this to my advantage. The fzn turkey burgers were normally $8.99/6 patties, on sale @ $7.99, I again had $1 coupon and a Dollar doubler so $5.99 out the door. Now if I can only find a sale on pot roasts . . .
 99 cent migraine coke, 2 bottles seltzer, more dry salad vinaigrette mix
 2 lbs carrots, a large tub of raisins, a bottle of Pom coconut
Taxables: a 3 ct pkg of tissues, Tampax-another $2 off with coupon and $ doubler deal.

I spent $89.44, saved $36.40 with coupons

Next stop: Dollar Tree
2 bottles spicy brown mustard, 2 pkgs AA batteris, 2 types anti itch cream, a box of large band aids, 4 pkgs muffin liners, chilli powder, 2 bottles dried onions, 4 large bars vegetable based honey-almond soap (may gift some as these will be lovely in Winter), a new coffee carafe, as mine has seen better days.
Spent $18.83 on groceries, the coffee carafe goes under "household" @ $1.06

Final stop: Aldi's

 18 ct pkg of double roll TP
 BOGO offer on hamburger/hotdog rolls made these 44 cents! I also got 2 pkgs of English muffins to try
 Whipped cream to fancy up more boring dessert offerings such as Jello or pudding, 2 fzn OJ, butter, eggs, neufchatel cheese, a lb of turkey breast
 A cordless, LED light, rechargable hand vac. I've been thinking of getting one to help me keep the car in good condition. $39.99
 Pantry items: 4 large cans baked beans, mini marshmallows for cocoa, 2 lbs brown sugar, canola oil, 2 boxes brownie mix, 2 cans/bottles ea of the following juices: pineapple, apple, splash, cranberry; walnuts (thud! these ARE expensive.), chilli powder, Paprika
 Snacks: cheese its, peanuts, 2 bags tortilla chips to serve with homemade salsa
taxables: the last 2 men's deodorants as they have moved to selling Old Spice. I spoke with the cashier, and supposedly customers are asking for more name brands, kinda goes against one of the main ideas behind Aldi's-private label=no advertising, so lower prices. Sigh. I also grabbed a new product to try: their dishwasher tabs in cellulose wrap (so no unwrapping like some brands, which is hard for me with my hands) $2.49/20 ct pkg. so 13 cents/wash. I like to keep the per wash cost to 20 cents or less. I've been using the liquid gel version of Aldi's D/W soap that I got through Freecycle. Works fine. Great that it was a freebie!

 $40.24 on household
$91.14 on groceries

 $199.41 on groceries, saved $36.40 with coupons
$41.30 under household

Paid CASH for it all, my account stays as it is, with funds earmarked for the upcoming rent and CC payment-my 2 major budget items this month.


DW said...

Looks like you did pretty good!

What do you normally pay for bread flour? (I'm still working on some bought on sale for $2.99 ... usually it's around $3.69)

CTMOM said...

DW-I have been able to buy Pillsbury bread flour at Xpect, a discount grocer for $2.39 or $2.69/5 lb bag. MUCH higher at the regular stores.

DW said...

That's a good price. I do wish Aldi's carried bread flour.