Friday, September 20, 2013

CSA 2013 # 16

This would have normally been the last week with this particular (new to us) CSA program. Due to cooler temps, they extended it a while back to another 4 weeks, so a total of 20 weeks for this program this year. The extension was put in place to allow for Fall crops to come in. I'm still waiting. : (

This week's CSA offerings:
dozen corn (sigh, again)
1 red onion
1 yellow onion
1 red pepper
2 green peppers
1 Jalepeno
2 frying peppers
a baggie of grape tomatoes
a bag of yellow and red slicing tomatoes

At $500 for 20 weeks, this is supposed to represent $25 worth of produce. I am just not feeling it. The corn simply has got to end. I want greens, cabbage and other cole crops, Winter squash, potatoes, onions (and not just 2 small ones). No herbs either this week.

I am feeling that if my beloved, former CSA doesn't start back up for next year (on hiatus this year), I'll just keep my $25 and go to the Farmer's market and be able to select a much more varied amount of produce. Really unhappy lately with this CSA. Shame, it started out so promising. : (


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Have you tried freezing the corn after cutting it off the cob? I have done that before and it tastes quite good in mid-winter. On the cob takes up too much space for me. I tend to agree that your deliveries have been predictable and not quite sure about the value--too many peppers for my taste, and those sprigs of herbs which are useful enough do cost $1.29 a pack and up in our stores--but are REALLY easy to grow at home, especially when you get a permanent home, although you could grow annuals now at the rental. And I wouldn't find that enough onions for the two of us, since I put them in salads as well as almost everything I cook! Good luck for next year. If you budget $25 a week for produce, I think you might do better than that for most of the summer and early fall.

CTMOM said...

that is exactly what I have resorted to doing. My upright freezer is filling with bags upon bags of kernal corn. Understand that corn is one of my favorite vegetables, this is just excess. I am getting quite disappointed in this new to us CSA. Doubt that I'll renew again with them. Hoping that my original CSA opens up again next year.