Saturday, September 14, 2013

CSA 2013 # 15

 I spoke with a co-worker earlier this week about the CSA that we both belong to. We are both sick of corn, and apparently other share holders are as well, as this co-worker told me that another CSA member told her last week that she is not taking the corn, her and her family have had enough of it.
This weeks share again included 12 ears of corn, eggs, 1 green pepper, 1 Japepeno, 2 frying peppers, 2 cukes, one red and one yellow onion, a baggie of cherry tomatoes, 3-4 yellow and 3-4 red slicing tomatoes, a sprig of sage, a bag of tarragon, a bag of oregano. I am starting to be disappointed in this new CSA. Where are the squash?greens? cabbage? kale? chard? broccoli? carrots?garlic? potatoes? not once were green beans included (listed on the website as one of their staple vegetable items) and then there is the corn, the corn, the corn. Sigh. Outside of the corn, there really is hardly any vegetables here. Hoping for a better week and more variety next week.

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