Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cost comparison: dish washer soap/detergent

Today, I picked up these 2 dish washer detergents at Dollar Tree. Once home, I did a break down of how much each product costs per 1 1/2 Tbsp wash load:

Sun brand powder 20 oz  $1 13.3 uses @ 7.5 cents/use
Power X gel 30 oz  $1 20 uses  @ 5 cents/use

I then dug out the adds to see what "on sale" alternatives are going for:

Cascade powder or gel 75 oz $4.99  50 uses @ 10 cents/use
Cascade action packs aka "pouches" $4.99 16 ct @ 31 cents/use or 20 ct @ 25 cents/use
Finish 14.6 oz $5.99 9.7 uses@ 62 cents/use or 16 oz 10.7 uses @ 56 cents/use

The DT sold Sun brand works really well. I am curious to see how I like Power X. Meanwhile, I keep the price limit of any brand detergent for the dish washer at the 20 cents cap per use.

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Nancy said...

After reading this I was curious what the breakdown per wash was on the dishwasher tabs I bought today was. I got Finish powerboost tabs, a 100 count box at the wholesale club, normally $14.99 but only $11.99 with an instant $3 rebate at the register. This breaks down to 11¢ a wash. Not as economical as your gel is but one I can live with. I'm interested in hearing how you like that gel.