Sunday, September 1, 2013

Being prepared and learning new skills, a DIY post

While going through divorce negotiations, I had to think of everything that I wanted to take from the marital home. One item on my list: a tool box with common, household tools such as hammer, tape measure, screw drivers. I did something similar (filled a shoe box back then) when I moved out of my parent's home and into my first just me appartment, post grad school, round one.  Pictured are 2 of the screw drivers I took with me last year.

 They were called into use today, as I noticed that my older, expandable clothes horse was coming very loose (I had previously tightened it earlier this Summer), so I grabbed a Phillips screw driver and tightened all of the screws at the joints of the cross bars. Nice and tight once again.
More worrisome was this upper, tall, spice cabinet. The upper hinge had a screw popping out quite a bit, and one in the lower hinge was also out, just not as much. Whenever I would open this cabinet (multiple times daily, esp. as I store measuring cups, spoons there as well), the upper hinge would pull away from the actual front of the door, making one feel like the door could easily just pop off the frame of the cabinet completely! These are custom cabinets, circa 1940. Wishing to avoid a maintenance call or worse a damage call to my paid handyman service, I grabbed a flat head screw driver and screwed those popping screws back into the front of the door to the cabinet, reattaching the hinges as a result. Problem avoided, cost $0.

I am all about preventive maintenance, even if it is not my own, as this is a rental property.

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Jean said...

My dad always told me if a screw keeps coming loose to insert part of a toothpick in along side of the screw when you tighten it down as it helps secure it