Thursday, September 19, 2013

A treat for ME!

My old coffee carafe that I take with me to work is pictured above, on the left (replacement one I recently found and had spill on my cream colored sweater, is on the right. Not sure if I was being clumsy or if it leaks. Sigh). The wide band where one's hand would grip it, no longer has the circular, plastic band as it broke. My hands are too hot when initially carrying this with freshly made coffee, so I commissioned Carla @ My half dozen daily to make me a cover and coordinating "mug rug" to place on my side table in the seating area of my bedroom, where my glidder is and which is where I watch TV.  The fabrics selected were initially to coordinate with the old coffee carafe, but would also work with my new one, which I hope doesn't leak.

This set came out really nice. I also commissioned a Christmas gift from Carla, but won't be sharing that as the recipient also reads my blog. ; )

To see more of Carla's work:

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Anonymous said...

I love the colors...very pretty! And I am glad you got something nice for yourself!