Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A busy afternoon

 but got a lot done, as I prep ahead whenever possible. Once home from appointments (medical, a quick stop for gas and a gallon of milk then home), I made a salad, popped the prepared casserole into the tabletop convection oven, placed some canned beets into a saucepan to warm them up.  Certainly not gourmet, but it works.
Once dinner was set, I set up the 2 ABM's for a basic white bread recipe

Dinner finished, dough is now rising in traditional loaf pans, and will be baked off in about an hour. Meanwhile, dishwasher is running, I'm about to run a load of colored clothes, to later hang them up on the clothes horses, to air dry overnight, into tomorrow.

Phew! Lots that needed done, but being organised and staying focused helps to accomplish these needed tasks.

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