Saturday, August 17, 2013

Xpect Dicsounts/Marc's of Ohio trip

A quick stop in at Xpect Discounts, aka "Marc's" if you are in the Cleveland area, on the hunt for school supplies today, I also managed to get some grocery items off the list: 10 lbs bread flour, stick margarine, butter, a wedge of domestic Parmesan. Not pictured: $1 boxes of candy for each of the boys. $12.96 spent.


Nancy said...

Carol do you have a Gordon Food Service (GFS) Marketplace near you? No membership is required and it has great prices on larger sized items such as bread flour. This might be a good option since you bake every day.

CTMOM said...

Unfortunately, no, I do not have a GFS or anything similar to it, located near me. I do have a friend who belongs to Costco, who could price out a 25 lb bag of bread flour, if I asked her. I paid $2.39/5 lb bag so I'd be looking to pay $12 or less for a 25 lb option.