Saturday, August 31, 2013

Working with the weather

Weather forecast for the next few days, and possibly all of next week is for humidity and a chance of rain daily. Ugh. Still have work planned for this weekend, so what to do? We can only air condition the bedrooms of this rental, so all windows were closed, along with the blinds to keep things cooler. Only the bathroom window with a fan was left open, to exhaust moisture from showers.

 Clothes drying beneath the ceiling fans in the living room. I find that the circulating air helps to dry things better. I did this early this morning.

Some are up on hangers to dry.

After running the trash and recycling over to the transfer station, and bringing DD to work, I hit the library book sale, then headed home. Project for the day: canning tomatoes. No one was home so this was a great opportunity to just dig in and get it done.

 I had hoped to finally use up all of my remaining, vintage jar rubber rings. While I did use 11 of them, I have over 2 dozen left. My other jars still are in the pantry. Eventually, they will get used up. While this bail top "technology" has been banned/not encouraged since the 1960's I believe, this is what I grew up using. This works, no ill side effects here. : )
 Second batch out of the canner, now cooling. I have a mixture of vintage dome lids as well. Good to use these up and fun to see the different printed tops. Most of my Mason jars (and all of the bail wire top ones) were gifted to me, Freecycled. Only a few were actually purchased, and I am certain that I used a coupon to do so or they were purchased at the thrift shop.
Batch number 3 is cooking away, 2 more to go. I am putting up 3 pints organic tomato sauce, and 40 pints of organic tomatoes with organic basil-all from the CSA.

This was a lot of work, but I get great pleasure in knowing that it is done, we are set for the year.  I only had one not seal, reprocessed this morning, done.


Maura said...

Can I ask how you do this? If it's not too much trouble.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

5 batches in one day!---Those days are in the past for me. That is TRULY a lot of work, especially with no help. We always worked together on canning if we could rope anyone else into helping. Even if you split with your helper, you get finished faster. At 70, most of my putting things up is just freezing these days. Used to can a lot, though. I still have bail top jars but haven't found jar rubbers in a few years. I have lots of jars and two piece lids--regular and wide mouth. Can't see DD canning by herself--she used to do jam with me. DGD--can't tell yet. She's only 21, but I doubt it!

CTMOM said...

I knew that I'd be alone (no kids as twins are with Dad, DD would be working as would be college boy) so I ordered extra tomatoes from my CSA and planned on this quiet time, listening to Obama on NPR yesterday. I just banged it out. We now have home canned, wedges of tomato with basil (all organic) for the next year. I am very happy with myself for having accomplished this. It's done. Next will be some relishes or pickled peppers, and apple sauce.

CTMOM said...

I assume that you mean how to can tomatoes. Here is a link to Ball home canning's You tube video:

I do a few things differently, as I was taught to do, such as fill 1/2 of a sink with boiling water, wash and rinse jars then store jars in this hot water until ready to use. Also, they don't really mention it, but salt is OPTIONAL in canning tomatoes, and I leave it out. Also, if you want to use salt, you do not need to buy Ball canning salt. Regular Kosher salt (morton's square blue box) is fine, just not table salt. Also, the video has the cook offering only a few options: whole, half or quartered tomatoes. I don't think she mentions diced, nor wedges (which is what I do as I usually get more uniform pieces that way). While she states don't use tomatoes with spots/splits, actually you can, just cut the bad parts off, taking just a bit of the good part along with it. I've home canned since I was about 6, first with a party of older relatives, eventually just me and Dad. Now I fly solo or DD sometimes helps me. HTH!

CTMOM said...

Forgot to add: I have found rubber jar rings, but they go for something like $2.79/5. Um-no thanks. I plan on using up what I have, then donating the remaining bail wire top jars that I have.