Monday, August 12, 2013

Well, we moved the menus around and I'm not moving them back!

A guest was supposed to be with us for a week, fell ill and cut the visit short. In anticipation for his stay and to accommodate his food preferences/dislikes, we moved the August dinner menus around. He left last night, but I am not switching back. We'll continue as planned, with plan B.

Tonight's dinner fare is already in the crock pot: leftover beef-sausage bolognese was removed from the kitchen freezer (yay!) and stretched a bit with a pint of organic CSA, home canned tomatoes that I put up last September. I am trying to use what few jars I have left, as I anticipate canning again within the next month.


Bolognese sauce over whole grain spaghetti
salad with choice of dressing
Steamed Summer Squash

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Anonymous said...

This sounds good. We're trying a new recipe for a corned beef hash that is slow cooked. More like a boiled dinner I suppose. I'm serving it with the leftover cabbage from last night as a side and some cornbread that I am going to add the leftover corn I cut from the cobs (again part of last night's supper).