Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well . . DUH!

As previously posted, I've pretty much tackled our lighting, in an effort to reduce my electric bill (without yet investing in pricey CFLs or LED bulbs for sconces or the chandeliers). Luckily, we don't even switch on the chandelier and one set of drama lights in the main bath, so that is automatic savings. It's bothered me that with 2 wall sconces flanking the mirror AND a 3 bulb chandelier-there is way too much light in the powder room and they are all on the same switch. Wish I could just shut off the chandelier.   . . wait! why not simply unscrew the bulbs, like I did every other one in the main bath at the sinks where we have the second set of drama make up lights? Done, and yes, there remains more than ample light in the room!

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