Sunday, August 11, 2013

Using the Internet to my advantage

I had previously written about my search for rubber mats for my car:

I am finally ready to purchase them, so I went to the site, finalized my decision, and filled everything out, but my credit card won't go through. Huh? I never have issues with this. I tried several times, yet the "processor of credit cards" keeps declining my card. I don't like this.

I then googled the brand of mats I want, and found that I can order them directly from the factory/manufacturer, and although I have to pay shipping, it ends up CHEAPER than the above mentioned option/website that I was trying to use. I saved an additional $10 off.

So lessons learned:

-the Dealer won't always keep items in stock or be willing to order them
-the auto supply store is not necessarily the best option
-check to see if you can deal directly with the manufacturer

I ended up choosing the front mats only (it's where the most dirt occurs) and I splurged and ordered the cargo mat as well (great on garbage day).

Since I set aside $ every month to cover auto maintenance, I can address this need.


Sue from Ky. said...

Have you received your mats? Are you satisfied? Would you be willing to share the address of the company you used? I am in the middle of the same dilemma. Local car dealer said they would order me a set for my new car, but have not. I've had my car since February and am using some old mats until I can do better. Would appreciate any help you could give me?

CTMOM said...

Sue-I ended up going to Weather Tech's company website:

I did pay shipping, but they (the mats) ended up cheapest of all the other scenarios I tried. I ordered last night, so I anticipate getting them within the week. I'm familiar with this brand, they are (or at least used to be) a quality product.