Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tweaking the electric bill

Already, we are noticing that the days are shorter, which impacts our light use, therefor, our electric use. With the exception of 2 chandelier fixtures in bathrooms of all places, and 2 wall sconces as well as 2 2 strip lights(again bathrooms), all of the lightbulbs in the home are CFL's. Either from my own personal collection in use or as a result of the energy audit that I had done last Fall. (  One of the tasks performed during the energy audit was to replace/install up to 29 CFLs. I got 29. : )

In an effort to further reduce our electric consumption, I am taking an idea from Lili at Creative Savv:

(   and I'm addressing the strip lights in the main bathroom:

On one side of the bathroom, there is a triple window, each side of which is flanked by 4 bulb strip lights, and there is a hanging chandelier in this area, above the marble vanity. We don't use this at all. It remains shut off, so fine.

The triple mirror, located on the opposite side of the room (pictured above), also is flanked by these strip lights,which are a bit much.

Last night, I partially unscrewed every other lightbulb, shown above, in an effort to reduce the electric used near the sinks, to 50%. These bulbs aren't cheap either, although I was able to snap up some replacement ones at Habitat for Humanity @ 50 cents each. It's very cloudy and overcast today, giving me a good idea of how this would feel come Winter. If we have to go up to 3 bulbs, we will, but for now, with penny pinching, it's worth a try.

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