Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tweaking the cable TV bill

When I moved into this home, I got cable and internet as a bundled package. Kept receiving numerous calls from the company, promoting a triple play bundle with phone service. I finally caved, and asked the sales rep to walk me through the numbers. As I suspected, it makes more sense for me to just continue with tv and internet, forget a phone service, we dropped a landline years ago and haven't missed it. We all have our own cell phones. Fine. I did select a "premium value" cable tv plan as it was a promotional offer for one year.

I just got my form letter, advising me that my promotion will soon be over and stating how much my bill is going to go up. DD and I invested some time on line and compared the various plans:
basic all the way thru silver and gold packages costing well over $100. TV is OK, we watch more movies, use Xbox, listen to the news, watch food network/HGTV. Not big TV fans compared to others. No way am I willing to pay the additional $35 month just for tv.

So I called today to drop down to a plan that is just above the very, very basic plan. Significant savings, great. Only negative is that we would lose BBC America, which we like, and we can not add that on as a single channel. Apparently, I have to call back on the anniversary date of 8/20 to drop my plan down or it will take place immediately, and I've already paid for this month.  So, a note is on the fridge and written on the calendar.Once again, the triple play promotion was given to me. I politely explained that after receiving numerous calls a year ago, I had to be firm and ask that they stop. We have no interest in adding a phone line that we won't use, thank you very much. : )

So, I will be calling back, and I hope to have a definitive number on what my out the door new monthly total will be. After again listening to the triple play promo today, my bill would have risen $30-I told the woman that while I realize it's her job to promote this, I am calling to decrease my monthly costs, not add to them!

One thing that we are also considering is adding Netflix to the picture. $7.99 promo with a 1 month free trial. Just may try it out.


Anonymous said...

We use Netflix and often find a lot of great shows and movies on there.

Donna said...

Love Netflix,we stream thru our Wii or watch online,smart phone, Kindle etc.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I just am into our second month on Netflix, and it's wonderful. The first month was free, also. We can watch two movies a week (at least in the summer) so it's been well worth the cost. We do have a premium sattelite TV package (so we can get TWO history channels, among other reasons) but no movie channels. So while I'm not sure we will watch 2 per week in winter, when our other favorite shows are on, it will still take care of some quiet Friday or Saturday nights. At 70 and 71, going "out" on a winter weekend is not as appealing as it once was. Last year, we even found it faster and easier to cook some nights when we might have eaten out in more pleasant weather. We generally count on one night a week for a restaurant meal, although not always an expensive one. So in summer, occasionally a little more often, but certainly in winter, somewhat less as we get older. Right now our best couple friends are on a 6 week cross country road trip with their children and grandchildren--we've missed our dinners together, but it was a trip they wanted to make while they still can.