Monday, August 5, 2013

Today's shopping trips

 DD had her 6 month dental cleaning, so that was today's freebie. Since we were out and about, we ran some errands, first stopping at Walmart, where I had about $21 on a gift card, due to recent returns. I got bungie cords and a 3 piece, inside the door "rack" system for foil, plastic wrap, bags etc. I've been looking for months to replace my falling apart, 25 y.o. Rubbermaid version that is no longer made. Out of pocket: $0 and money is still on my card.
 Next shopping plaza over: Aldi's. While I was just there, I was hoping to first use up the rest of our cat food for cat # 1 (cat # 2 is on an expensive, Vet diet). We ran out this morning, so I knew it was time.  $10.41 with tax. This bag will last us months, she is doing very well on it, just had her physical and actually lost weight since switching her to this brand. All good.
 One kidlet had been helping himself to "pizza party" and "to offer guests" sodas, so we have learned to hide it. Out of sight, out of mind. The ginger ale is also kept on hand for sick tummies. : (
 Some grocery staples: 3 boxes of healthy cereal (must have at least 4 grams fiber for me to purchase it, as oats have 4 grams so that is my litmus test), "pam spray", apple juice, butter, OJ, stick margarine, mushrooms. I lucked out on 2 marked down, 2 ct each pkgs of center cut pork chops. I paid $1.20 for 4 chops! Nice. Into the freezer they went.
 Next door: Dollar Tree: tortillas, 2 boxes of the new round Premium saltines-these are a whole grain version I didn't even see at the grocers recently, twizler (treat), 2 pkgs sesame sticks to top salads
2 each fzn tater tots, and onion rings. Same brand we used to get thru Angel Food
At Dollar Tree, we also got 5 boxes of Scotties tissues (120 ct), the heart shaped pumice which fits nicely into my hand. We then went to CVS, where I got 2, 184 ct boxes tissues (BOGO), 2 canisters Stridex pads, 2 ea Dial and Tone body wash, and 2 Maybeline mascara (also BOGO-I am now set for the year) . I used Rewards bucks, manufacturers coupons, paying only $28.16 and walking out with yet more store coupons and rewards bucks.

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Anonymous said...

Great finds. We are going to town Thursday and I will check to see what Dollar Tree has this week.