Wednesday, August 21, 2013

today's freebies

A return to work today, meant that my day started with a breakfast meeting, as is the tradition where I work. Parent volunteers helped to serve: Belgian waffles w/ syrup, scrambled eggs, pork sausages, bacon, croissants, assorted muffins, fruit salad w/ choices of vanilla yogurt and granola toppings, single fruit selections such as just blueberries if desired, hash brown potatoes with onions and red peppers, coffee, OJ, tea, water, poached eggs over a large Crimini mushroom and mashed potatoes. Quite a selection! I selected scrambled eggs, 2 strips bacon, 1/2 of a corn muffin, a bowl of fruit topped with yogurt and extra berries. No beverage as I toted a carafe of coffee from home.

A dept meeting followed by another meeting, where this time, lunch  was served: assorted, 6 foot sandwiches: Italian cold cut combo, roast beef, breaded chicken with mozzarella and red pepper; assorted salads: tossed baby greens in vinaigrette with red onion, a black bean and corn salad, dilled potatoe salad; there were also potato chips, dill pickles, and assorted beverages, as well as cookies for those seeking dessert. I ended up with a slice (is that the correct word?) of the chicken cutlet sandwich (minus the cheese and red peppers-as much as I like them, my GERD goes into overdrive!), some dilled potato salad, the mixed baby greens salad, pickles, and a Coke to drink. We ate outside, picnic style.

The next few days of work will be workshops, at which we will again be offered breakfast (although much more modest, continental style) and lunch (which is usually a selection of wraps, salad on one day, and the next day is usually Italian themed: ziti in vodka sauce, chicken marsalla, salad, bread sticks.

Nice gesture, but it's hard to watch a diet this way!

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