Friday, August 30, 2013

Thursday's skirt steak

 I marinated Thursday's skirt steak (a delicious cut of meat, very rarely served here, but it was a marked down that I had frozen) in the rest of some gingered teriyaki marinade (bottled, marked down as well) and broiled it. Meanwhile, I baked off 2 smallish pkgs of onion rings (Dollar Tree), and microwaved a can of marked down, Aldi's Mexicorn that I had only paid something like 39 cents a can for. I also sauteed a sliced onion, a sliced yellow and orange pepper (both marked down) in some oil.
I sliced the steak, placed it in tortilla wraps, topped it with some cooked peppers and onions, making a type of fajita wrap. Here's my dinner plate.

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Frugal Queen said...

Look up how to make Cornish pasties - you use skirt beef for that - if you can't get swede - or called something else, just use onions, potatoes and skirt