Sunday, August 25, 2013

The grocery shopping loop

Yesterday, after dropping DD off at work, I hit the shops, lists in hand of needs/wants (kidlets are instructed to write "wants" on the grocery list for my consideration), and lists of sale items at the shops, all bundled together with coupons that I culled from the coupon box, which is getting slimmer and slimmer these days.  I'll start with Dairy:

 Aldi's: 2 pkgs preshredded, Italian blend cheese, 1 pkg sliced Provolone, 2 cans fzn OJ, one tub (1 lb size, something new) of turkey breast, a lb pkg bologna. Kidlets will be on their own again for lunches until Wed, when they finally return to school.
 Stop & Shop: one vanilla bean ice cream, a qt of low fat vanilla yogurt (sadly, they stopped carrying their own private label of this type yogurt, only having no fat plain, no fat vanilla, low fat strawberry-banana. ), a 4 pk Greek yogurt cups, a 6 pack of organic mini yogurts (perfect for my mid morning snack at work) These were all sale plus coupon deals
Shoprite: a pkg of Neufchatel cheese, 4 Greek yogurts, 4 indiv yogurts, 2 tubs Smart Balance-a brand we prefer (been using Aldi's version of soft margarine which is more like "I can't believe it's not butter" and that is fine. I also selected these SB as the square containers would be great in the freezer/taking lunches to work. I had large coupons to top a sale price as well)

 Some phenomenal produce deals: first at Shoprite: blueberries @ $1.49/pint, 3 pkgs of marked down red/orange/yellow peppers-types we prefer @ $2/lb
Awesome finds at the marked down bin from Xpect: 2 large tubs (these go for $8 at Stop and Shop, $4 here) of organic baby salad greens and another of spinach-both only $1!!!!!; 2 3 lb bags of Paula Reds and Jersey Mac apples @$3.49/bag, bananas 39/lb, 1 lemon 67 cents, lb carrots 99, mushrooms 99.

 Meat deals are getting harder and harder to find. Shoprite: shank ham @ 99/lb. That's what is for supper today, then it'll be broken down for future meals.
Stop and Shop: had pork chops @ $1.79/lb. Divided these into 2 meals.
 Next are the pantry/dry goods (with a few odd balls that should be in other categories, oh well!). First: Aldi's: 2 bottles "splash" juice, 1 cranberry juice, 1 apple juice, 4 boxes cold cereal 2 boxes packet oatmeal, 8 cans ck lite tuna, 2 cans healthy choice cr mushroom, 4 cans healthy choice tomato soup, hazelnut coffee, 2 boxes cocoa packets, box "ritz" crackers, 2 bags veggie chips, 2 bags cheese puffs, 2 pkgs bagels
 Shoprite: 4 each peanut butter and Concord grape jam (cheaper to stock up than to make, unless one has access to free grapes), 2 boxes whole grain spaghetti, 2 boxes of Wishbone "good seasonings" dressing mix to try, 3 cans Veg-all. I had coupons for the pasta veggies, dressing in addition to the sales.
 Stop and Shop: a box of Earl grey tea on marked down for $1.25, a 4 lb bag sugar on special with a store coupon, ditto the offer on Jif, one bottle Pepsi for migraines (sale $1), a bag of parsnips (couldn't find at Xpect or ALdi's)
Xpect: dry roasted honey peanuts, 2 pkgs Italian imported spaghetti on sale 79 cents

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