Saturday, August 10, 2013

Taking a page out of the Food Stamps Cooking Club recipe book

This morning, I came across Connie's latest post with a great sounding recipe:

With a guest in the house, I tweaked this recipe a bit, first browning off 8 oz of Italian sausage and 8 oz of ground sirloin. Both were marked downs, in the freezer.

I also tweaked it by using the cup of so of home made chicken stock I had on hand in the fridge, and adding water to it (as well as 2 vegetarian stock cubes) to equal the amount of liquid called for I used home canned, organic CSA tomatoes, black pepper (no salt as the stock had plenty), minced garlic (no fresh on hand), an organic CSA onion as well as oregano and basil. I do have EVOO on hand also. I omitted the red pepper as 2 of us have GERD..
I chose elbow macaroni

This is what it looks like once it's first combined and starting to boil before dropping the temp and letting it simmer, while stirring every few minutes

It will become this:

and here's lunch with the addition of some freshly grated Parmesan

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Food Stamps said...

I think I can smell the yumminess of this dish, Carol!

This is sooo easy that I may never make traditional sauce again. **Key word: MAY (LOL)

You make everything look so effortless.


~Mother Connie