Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday supper: pot roast

 Alas! my last pot roast. This one was purchased "on sale" last October @ $2.99/lb, down from $4.99/lb-a ridiculous price that I'd never pay. I am now watchful of a sale to restock the freezer. Other ingredients: a can of golden mushroom soup (a splurge aka luxury item as it's expensive even when selected with a cpn, which is a rare find), a pouch of gifted to me, onion soup mix, and not pictured: black pepper.
 Remove meat from packaging, rinse and place FROZEN block of meat into an oval Crock Pot.
 Top with contents of soup can, season with a generous amount of black pepper, a spice that I like with beef.
Sprinkle contents of onion soup pkt over beef, cover and cook on low. Done. Makes it's own gravy as well.

Sides will be the aforementioned gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots-which I will add to the CP later this afternoon. This is to become a planned over meal for Tuesday: stroganoff.

Here's DS # 2's plate. DS # 1 called at the last minute, while still at work, wanting to join us for supper, so we cooked the corn on the cob and stretched the meal. I still have plenty for Tuesday's planned over stroganoff.


Mary Lou said...

One of my favorite meals. I have been watching the sales for pot roasts since the prices have skyrocketed.

I use the Golden Mushroom soup, but I also use the Campbells French Onion canned soup since the dry makes it too salty for me even though I love it.


mother noah said...

Struck lucky this afternoon . Got to Tesco,s just when they were doing the final reductions of the fruit and vegetables. My shopping should of cost £20.70 and I paid £2.20 . We will be well fed for the next few days .
I bought :-
Chopped onions 450 grams 10p
Celery sticks 350 grams 12p
Fine beans 220 grams 15p
Avocados x 2 10p
Mexican rice salad 13p
Melon/grapes 350g 20p
Pineapple chunks x 2 200g 32p for 2
Broccoli/ cauliflower mix 680g 18p
Huge spring onions x3 12p
Crunchy salad bowls x 3 20p each
Samphire 18p
Have always wanted to try samphire but it is always very expensive .will have to google some ideas to use it .

CTMOM said...

Never heard of Samphire, had to look it up. Seems to be an European plant. Enjoy those prices!

CTMOM said...

Mary Lou,

I also tend to shy away from salted foods, as I am a bit sensitive to them. The soup mix was gifted to us, so combined with the golden mushroom soup, yes, this is a much saltier option than is usually served here. Pot roast, beef in general, is becoming more and more scarce on my menus, due to cost. I await sales.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love beef roast. We have boneless pork chops with a barbecue sauce going in the crockpot.

I recently made my own o ions soup mix out of food storage items. I have found it to be salty too, but I use less so it works out.