Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday supper aka big meat meal

 A 10 lb, whole clove studded, shank ham that I bought @ 99/lb over the weekend was baked off with a spicy brown mustard-brown sugar glaze and later topped with some pineapple rings. Since the oven was on, I baked some sweet potatoes as well.
 Organic CSA corn joined the mix, along with the entire tub of organic, store bought spinach that I steamed.
 And here's our Sunday supper!

Naturally, right after dinner, I prepped the ham: broth from the baking roaster was decanted to the repurposed, quart sized yogurt container for an upcoming soup (and fat for frying eggs), some meat was cubed for omelettes/soup/casseroles and frozen, more meat was sliced for sandwiches and leftover nights this week, finally the meaty shank bone was wrapped in the looking worse for the wear, frequently repurposed pieces of foil, and is now frozen for a future soup or pot of beans. Many, many meals out of this one ham.


Anonymous said...

Its funny I found 2 ham bones in the back of the freezer so I am making ham/potato soup this weekend. Early yes but it will be cold soon enough

mikemax said...

OK, I figured out why your DD moved home with Mom--dinner! I'm sure your good meals beat the heck out of whatever her friends and potential roommates might be cooking!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

That is certainly an advantage from ham. At the restaurant the other night they had a ham and corn chowder as a soup selection, and 4 of 6 of us chose it. It was delicious, too.

I often chop some of the ham before freezing it for use in ham loaf, ham salad, or omelettes. Just ice pick off a chunk, and it defrosts almost immediately or it can go in the microwave for a bit.