Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spent some serious money last night

Recently, I purchased a complete mattress set for DD, at a great price out the door. I was able to purchase "clearanced" mattresses (the mattress was from one co, the box sping another) that actually ended up looking like they were of the same company set. Very comfortable, well known brands (Simmons and Serta).

My own mattress set, while only a few years old, is one that I have not liked. While we got it at a good price, I am very disappointed in the quality, and have found that I am experiencing hip and back pain almost daily after waking up. This is a no go for me. Additionally, as an annoyance factor, this particular brand of mattress sets creeks. We also bought a twin set for one DS at the same time as we bought the replacement set for my bed, and his mattress set is also creeking. Sigh.

My back/hip pain are not something that I can continue to deal with, especially after suffering several weeks of debilitating back pain last Spring. Time to invest.

I looked on line, and as suspected, the company we usually purchase mattresses from is having a sale promotion. Great. DD and I headed out to the local store after supper last night.

The sales clerk was phenomenal. I told her my needs, my price point and with my receipt from DD's mattress set in hand, asked if she could find me a deal, perhaps out of clearance again.

I narrowed my selection down to 2 different companies and told her to work her magic and come up with an out the door price for me, within my budget. I chose one with a 20 year warrenty  (current set only had a 1 year. @@)

I got 47.3% off the usual price, saving $1739.99 in the process.  I'm out the door @ $1559.99 plus tax, delivery, removal charge (new CT law). $1799.40.

Pricey? yes. Avoiding future back/hip problem? yes.

I am fortunate that I live well below my means and although this is my difficult month, financially, I can absorb this cost.with my savings in the checking account.  It was placed on my credit card, which will not be due until Sept 17th. I get paid again on the 15th, so no worries. Meanwhile, I am racking up points to convert in a cash credit on my CC for an upcoming computer purchase for Christmas. It's a win-win.

Delivery is set for tomorrow morning.

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Congrats on the great deal!