Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shopping the shelves for back to school

I asked the 2 kidlets in high school, to come up with back to school supply lists. I added "lunch box" to kid # 1's list. Aldi's has advertised them, I have yet to see them there. The prices are 1/2 what I have been paying at Xpect. I also tried Savers, no luck there, so far.

Then we checked the tall storage cabinet where I keep extra, including old from previous school years, school/office supplies. I was able to cross A LOT off of the list!
 -Kid #1 :
 6 binders,
a zipper pencil pouch,
lunch box
-Kid #2:
2 1 inch binders
 5 medium sized binders,
5 spiral notebooks
 2 packs loose leaf paper
 a vinyl 2 pocket folder
 a set of dividers
 a pack of pens

So, we'll be heading over to the dollar store for the binders and pocket folder. My point is that if the supplies are culled through in JUNE, you will be amazed at what is still good for the upcoming year. This is especially true for the elementary school years when many requested items are not used or used only a handful of times.

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