Sunday, August 11, 2013

September menus

Yes-September. I have 7 more work free days (not including weekends) before I return to work. My hiatus was extended due to my medical leave that commenced mid May. It'll be a transition. I find it's much like riding a bike-the routines come back to you like second nature. I am finding the days are shortening, I am aiming to get to bed earlier again, and rise earlier as well. In an effort to continue to use what is on hand, keep expenditure to a minimum, rotate stock and only stock up on needs or fantastic deals, I've planned out our dinner menus for the upcoming month. Wed is leftover night as the twins have visitation with Dad for supper, so it's just DD (sometimes College boy) and me.  Most weekends, the twins are again with Dad except mid month. This l/o plan has helped to keep a rein on food waste. I also have a considerable amount of fzn, home made "convenience meals" at the ready to use on those nights, to take to work as needed. Since we will still be receiving our CSA pickups on Fridays, I've left sides simply as "veg" unless there is something particular that I want served. My (almost) daily dinner postings will document the changing farm produce that ends up on our plates. I am looking forward again to greens, Fall/Winter squashes. I've also tried to plan easy prep meals for Tuesdays (long afternoon appointments) as well as Thursdays (after work meeting days and I suspect that I'll still be in twice/weekly PT, currently going on Tues an Thurs).

1-Pork chops (fzn), apple sauce (canned), fzn mashed poatoes, veg
2-beer battered Swai (fzn fillets), oven fries, coleslaw
3-chicken burgers (fzn ground) on homemade buns, salad
5-Crock Pot chilli (fzn beef, canned tomatoes, dried beans), corn bread-home made
8-beef stew (fzn meat)
9-baked salmon fillets (fzn), rice, veg
10-fzn Ital meatballs in homemade marinara, rigatoni, fzn broccoli, salad
12-kale quiche (fzn veg, cheese), salad
15-meatloaf (fzn beef pork), mashed potatoes,veg
16-tuna burgers on plates, buttered noodles, veg
17-hot dog (fzn) casserole, veg
19-CP chicken (fzn ground)-black bean (dried) chilli w/ canned tomatoes over rice
20-lasagna (fzn), salad
21-soup-to be determined
22-roast turkey breast (fzn), home made stuffing (use fzn bread crumbs), gravy packet from turkey, cranberry sauce (canned), veg
23-creamed salmon (use canned pink), potatoes, fzn peas
24-CP turkey stew, biscuits
26-turkey -bean  (dried)tacos, Mexicorn (canned)
29-beef meatballs (fzn homemade) in beef gravy (to make), rice, veg


Anonymous said...

Everything sounds great. I made up a menu for the next two weeks. I'm not ready to even think about September yet. :-)

Sue from Ky. said...

I am not a list making person. I took no book keeping in school. I hate paperwork of any kind. My Mom, who passed in March, and I, had so much in common, but not this trait. She was an avid record keeper and a planner. She had to have an agenda for every day or she could not function properly.I contribute my method to not having kids. Mom had nine. I love to wing it, which is not always a good thing, but hard to change at this late date. Just Pop and myself to cook for, but never pre-plan a single meal. Maybe that's why my freezer is in such a mess all of the time. It might help if I would consider making myself a few preplanned menus.I may give it a try.