Saturday, August 3, 2013

Salvation Army finds today

 DD and I were in the city, so we swung by Salvation Army. I lucked upon a like new, L L Bean, flannel, Queen sized for my bed, bottom sheet. I am not certain which type these are, so originally this cost either $30 or $69 for just this sheet:


I paid $1.99. It's a nice, medium, toasted beige that will coordinate with anything else I have. Perfect.

 I also got 2 Wearever, aluminum, bread loaf pans. Not 100% crazy about the mushrooms coming out of the ABM's, I'd like to try using them just to mix and proof the dough, then tranfer it to traditional bread pans, which would make for more uniform bread in both shape and size. I paid 99 cents each
Finally, a dressy, knit T with floral embellishments and beading around the neckline, a classic navy-white stripe, this is a good basic from Dress Barn. $3.99.


Anonymous said...

Great finds. I rarely bake in the bread machine, but when the weather is cool I do use it to let the bread rise temperature controlled.

Nancy said...

Carol I think you will find that baking the bread in the oven will give you the shape you are wanting. I personally got tired of the hole left in the loaf by the mixer bar when I had my ABM. Great finds at the SA!