Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Restocking the family medicine cabinet, on a budget

I went through the family medicines, and noted that the anti diarrhea meds had expired. No problem, I was planning a trip to CVS, would replenish them there, after first checking if Aldi's carries them (they don't). At CVS,  I automatically selected the CVS brand over the national brand, for instant savings.Additionally, I used rewards bucks from CVS , which brought the cost down 50%, to $3.18 out the door. Cheap enough remedy.


Frugal Queen said...

That's a nuisance - aldi sells 6 loperamide tablets for 89p

CTMOM said...

Froogs, my Aldi's has a very limited health and beauty aids section, just an end cap to an aisle. They have eliminated products, such as anti diarrhea meds, and switched to name brands (such as no longer carrying "Blossom" tampons/pads and now carrying Tampax and Always). I much, much prefer their home brand labels. Quality is excellent and the prices are phenomenal!