Saturday, August 17, 2013

Product review: Weather Tech cargo mat

While not my car, the image shows the type of cargo mat that was delivered yesterday, a day after I received my Weather Tech front floor mats (very happy with those). I am pleased to find that there is a tall "lip" that surrounds the entire cargo mat, to prevent liquids from spilling under the mat, getting the carpet/car dirty. This was an expensive "extra" that replaces the 5 ml plastic that I was using (originally cut to cover a front vestibule screen come Winter, so it was a temporary fix)when hauling the garbage over to the transfer station. As with the floor mats, these have a 10 year warranty, and will go to the next owner in a few years (the plan) unless I get another car of the same model and can re-use these. Very, very pleased and highly recommend these mats. Again-order directly from the company, that is how I found the best price out of numerous possibilities.

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