Monday, August 26, 2013

Planning ahead for a busy day

 After dinner every night, we look at our preplanned menus and doing any advanced prep work, get lunches sorted out, etc to make the mornings run a bit smoother, and to ensure dinner on the table by 7 p.m. Tonight was prep ahead for a busy Tuesday afternoon theme: first I browned a lurking, 2 lb pkg of ground turkey and placed it in a Crock Pot along with 2 pints of organic CSA, home canned tomatoes, some chilli powder.
 Meanhwhile, (bad photo, sorry), I used up the rest of my dried kidney beans, adding a sufficient amount of dried pintos to equal 2 cups of dried beans. I did a quick soak, then drained and rinsed the beans before covering with fresh water and simmering until softened. The prepared beans were then added to the awaiting Crock Pot liner.
While I was focusing on the entree, DD set about preparing dessert for this week (as if it'll last all week!), deciding upon an 89 cent brownie mix. Since the oven would be on, I asked her to also make up a double batch of my Southern Buttermilk Corn Bread to accompany tomorrow's chilli as well as to provide (hopefully) some breakfast later in the week. My homemade corn bread tends to be gobbled up quickly!

So, we're eating what is on hand, using some pantry stock items up, rotating others in the process.  We're out of milk again, so I'll stop at the gas station on the way home from work tomorrow. Since I've had to drive DD back/forth to work, I have used extra gas this past week,so I stopped today (usually do it on Tuesday evenings) for gas for my car. Since I stopped in town, I only * put $25 worth in, paying $4.29/gallon. Ugh. I much prefer the city's prices and will top off the tank tomorrow, like usual, for some savings at least.

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