Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pinching my pennies

Pictured is my now much fuller jar of pork sausage/bacon fat. Call it a bit of Grandma's wartime kitchen.

 I have always saved bacon fat, for it's flavor, to use in cooking. I moved to also saving poultry fat, beef fat as a means of economizing. Cooking oil prices have escalated, as has the cost of margarine, butter. For what little pan frying I do, this is fine. In making soups, for instance, it makes no sense to me to defat home made chicken stock and toss the fat, then turn around and use oil/butter/margarine to fry off a mire poix. I do encourage a low fat diet-everything in moderation, of course. : )

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Sue from Ky. said...

I was born in 48, but use so many of your ideas already. Love reading your posts (when I finally get a few minutes to catch up on my reading).