Sunday, August 25, 2013

Picking up taxables

Many years ago, I learned to pick up taxables when I see them on sale as these items can eat a huge hole in the family budget. I am also not too brand loyal either. First store was Shoprite: 2 bottles Dynamo detergent on sale $1.99, a large box Tampax (used a $2 off cpn!), 2 pkgs store brand swabs, 2 Lypsyl "chapstick" with bee's wax that we prefer, a pouch of Sunlight dishwasher tabs (sale plus cpn)so I paid $2.19 for 20 tabs. My price goal is 20 cents 10 cents/tab and they ended up cheaper than the store brand version, although I have no issue with using "old fashioned" powder formulations or gels. This is simply a stock up deal.

Xpect: a ream of copier paper, a bottle of color care shampoo (coupon),, a large bonus pkg of scoopable cat liter(been very disappointed with Aldi's version of late. It's not clumping and there has been a build up of odor as a result and more liter has been disposed of, thereby increasing my trash output and costs. We are returning to other brands as a result.); a coffee thermus for DD and a tube of her make up (both of which, DD will reimburse me for).

Stop and Shop: 2 large canisters of store brand, clumping cat liter (on crash n burn at $2.64 so I had to grab it!), a bottle of detergent and softener (both sale plus large cpn deals), 2 bottles shampoo on sale @ 89 so cheaper than the dollar store that also sells this brand that we use, 2 pkgs toilet paper (large coupon deal).

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