Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More switched menus, but we continue eating what's on hand

A package of ground chicken I got on marked down for 99 cents last week (frozen with 2 others I was able to snap up) will be turned into chicken patties, with the addition of egg, bread crumbs, spices, grated vegetables. A 1/2 full pkg of hamburger buns (originally also marked down) is defrosting as well. These burgers will be served with a choice of assorted condiments, sliced cheeses. Not sure about sides, thinking a tossed salad.


Lili said...

Hi Carol,
I find ground chicken at the restaurant supply for quite cheap. We tried it once, but the family didn't care for it. But now I'm thinking to try it again.

What seasonings and what grated veggies do you think you'll add? Patties might go over better with my family. The one time we did try it, it was the texture that no one liked. Thanks.

CTMOM said...

For many years, ground chicken and ground turkey have been significantly cheaper than ground beef out here in CT. I can normally find ground poultry on sale (1.25-1.5 lb pkgs) for $1.49-$1.99, if not marked down.

I usually wing it for my ground poultry burgers but here's the basic recipe:

1 egg, beaten
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 minced garlic clove or equivalent of dried
black pepper to taste
(add salt if desired, I omit)
1 Tbsp Lea and Perrins white worcestershire sauce
1 grated carrot
1- 1/2 cups bread/cracker crumbs or oats
Blend the above together. Gently fold in ground meat, until mixed, avoiding over handling it, as it will toughen.

Great way to use any vegetable such as mushrooms (I finely chop), squash (zuke, Summer squash), etc.

I've added about 1/4 cup grated cheese a few times, very good addition.

I Pam spray a frying pan and brown one side, then flip to brown the other. Once I flip the first side over, I cover the pan, and the burgers kind of steam cook this way, I think due to the water from the vegetables in the patties.

I either serve these on rolls, or simply on a plate, perhaps with a spicy chilli sauce or a yogurt-herb sauce.


BTW-ground poultry needs SEASONING. Great in tacos, chilli type dishes. I also use it 50-50 with ground beef for both economy and health in meatloaf, greatly reducing the fat. I use ground poultry with sweet Ital sausage again 50-50 to make Italian meatballs,

Lili said...

Thanks, Carol!
It's time to try it again.

CTMOM said...

Note that by using grated veg and breadcrumbs, this really stretches the meat so that I am able to make 6 generous sized burgers! Here's proof:

Anonymous said...

We often have texture issues with ground chicken but if I treat it like I treat meatloaf it seems to over well. Chopped mushrooms, shredded carrots or shredded zucchini seem to help. Also sometimes a little oats or breadcrumbs.