Sunday, August 25, 2013

More corporate corespondance, this time, Proctor and Gamble!

Attention customer service:

I pulled a bottle of Ultra Downy April Fresh scent,60 load, 1.53 l out of my laundry storage cabinet. I'm not sure when or where I bought this, but it has been stored in a temperature controlled, dry area. I've used Downy for years and have never encountered this problem. The contents of this bottle are UBBER thick. I've tried watering it down, but it still remains thicker than usual and the worst part is that it is leaving blue blobs of softener both on my laundry and inside the washer (on the stainless steel drum). After adding water, I've shaken the bottle up, it helps but I am still getting laundry marked by the blue softener. Has anyone else complained about this? is this a bad batch? I am on a well and septic, so rerunning a load of wash is a concern. Please advise, thanks.

So another corporate communication, for which I await a response. Meanwhile, I dread washing the towels, the only laundry that I use liquid softener on.

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Linda said...

I had a simlar experience with Cascade automatic dishwasher liquid detergent and was told by the manufacturer's rep that it was likely frozen while in the truck during transit to the store. She did send a coupon for a free jug!

Linda who LOVES your blog