Thursday, August 15, 2013

Leftovers! or C.O.R.N. theme for the day!

Living with only one fridge, and a much smaller one at that means that space within the fridge quickly becomes filled, if one doesn't keep a keen eye on things, especially leftovers. I have made a concerted effort to reduce my cooking amounts, depending upon who checks in as coming to dinner (or not). While I have the "let me know by 3 p.m." rule, I have had last minute cancellations which translate into leftovers, usually. While I had planned a veggie drawer clean out meal: veggie stir fry over rice, the bits of this n that are building up quickly in the fridge so it's a make yourself a plate type of a day. If we make good progress with lunch, I'll certainly revert back to the original plan, but I need to see just what remains after lunch. Toss in that my freezer compartment has also filled with planned over meals, which I will use once I return to work in a week. I just want to eat stuff down, free up space, avoid wasting what we have in there.


Anonymous said...

We more or less did the same thing this morning. I had a bit of baked beans, a bit of potato salad, and a slice of cornbread left. The beans and potatoes went in hubby's lunch box. The cornbread went to the dog who was begging for it.

When I cooked breakfast I used half a slice of the leftover ham for hubby and then chopped the rest and heated it up. I have rearranged the menu and we'll have quiche tonight instead of tomorrow night. All the leftovers are officially cleared.

Lili said...

Since we unplugged our garage fridge, I've had to be very careful with the kitchen fridge space. Leftovers and thawing foods for the next day take up most of our fridge space.

Saturday is our day to clean out the fridge and use it all up. It makes Saturday lunches easier for me.

CTMOM said...

Made a good dent this afternoon:
I had leftover Chinese
DD had quiche
DS # 2 had 2 hotdogs, a small container of baked beans
DS # 3 had the hamburger and mac dish

Looking ahead to supper, I still have:
-shrimp chow mein and rice for one
-a "meal" container for me (my l/o pork chop that I couldn't finish, brussel sprouts, Summer squash)

2 other kids will have to select from:
-brussel sprouts
-an eye of the round steak
-tuna salad
-a 1/2 of a tomato
-one hotdog
-canned peaches

Nope, I am NOT cooking tonight!

I also pulled some ingredients for baking tonight: more hubbard squash puree, home made apple sauce. Thinking a bundt cake, muffins . . .maybe a bar cookie