Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kitchen tip: how I poach eggs

 I hate single purpose kitchen equipment, it just seems to be clutter. I have a makeshift method for poaching eggs. Utensils needed: a set of tongs, a knife, 1 metal Mason jar ring per egg, a frying pan, and a cover
 Set the rings in the bottom of the frying pan and just barely cover with water. Bring the water up on high heat just almost a simmering boil.
 Carefully drop one cracked egg into each ring. Shut off the heat, cover and let cook for 4 minutes
Done. Remove each ring individually, using the tongs. Place the ring on a serving plate, and use the knife to go around the inner edge, then flip the egg out, turn back over for presentation.

And here was breakfast this Sunday morning: poached eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper, home made, honey-whole wheat toast with margarine; OJ, coffee/tea.

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