Friday, August 16, 2013

Keeping on top of the bills, the budget

Last night was bill paying night. My August bills are all paid, and I'll be driving my August CC payment over to the bank today. I learned years ago, with a major CC company, that paid bills somehow conveniently get "lost" or "held up in processing"-I don't allow that to happen. Last month, I called credit card services and complained as my payment was not credited when paid at the teller window inside the bank, therefor incurring finance, late payment, and interest fees. That shouldn't have happened. Since I complained and could document just when and how the bill was paid, these charges were to all be credited back to my account. ( I verified that they were on my recent statement. : )

So, going into Sept, the big bills are all set: rent, electric, cable/internet, cell phone, credit card (I tend to put day to day expenses on that-gas, food, etc and collect the reward points which I convert later into cash towards things like laptops). I've balanced the check book. This afternoon, I will be working on submitting forms for reimbursements-another area to keep on top of. I also continue to keep expenditures down. I've identified some needs as we transition back to school and work; I plan on addressing those during the remaining few days I have before returning to work, and doing so as frugally as reasonably possible.

Within the next month, before my paychecks start up again (Sept 15), I will have over 1 months' budget still in my checking account, so I know that Sept bills are also covered.  Once I have my new check, I will run the numbers since there have been some changes (lower ins premiums, deductions for HSA, slight raise, etc) to see where the final numbers balance out. I base my monthly budget on take home pay, so it's vital that I get this accurate. I will also consult my CPA for a tax projection, as changes are afoot on that front as well. She had already done a tax projection this past April, but it is always prudent to run the numbers again. While I don't mind a small windfall come tax season, owing more than $500 is out of my comfort zone.

I remain on track to deposit $ into my savings account every month, including the "pay myself back for paying off the car loan early" monthly allotment, which will run through to next Summer. I will continue, however, to send that same amount over to savings, at that point, however, it will be earmarked for my anticipated next car purchase, 1-2 years down the road, if possible.

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Anonymous said...

I have finally worked out my budget to the penny. The next three months will be tight but it will be ok. I had a dream last night that Will told me to stop the damn I am taking it as a sign that I am on the right track :)