Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just the specials, M'am

 After dropping DD off at work, I stopped in at the local IGA, but selecting the one in the town next door, as I really find the set up of the very upscale, sister one in this town to be "off putting." I much prefer a main stream, middle class store, if such a thing exists! Today, while they had chicken legs on sale @ $1.79, it was much more economical for me to allow them to do the work for me and separate the thighs from the drums. Drums are on sale @ 89/lb and thighs @ $1.09/lb. I bought 2 family packs of both.
 I also bought 2 weeks worth of individual yogurts for my mid morning protein snack at work, pears on sale @ $1.29/lb and a large cantaloupe @ $1.50. Apples were very expensive there, the cheapest option being a 3 lb bag for $5. I passed.
I now have 7 meal sized bags in the freezer. I separated them into all thighs, all drums and one bag has 4 drums with 2 thighs.

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