Friday, August 30, 2013

I just want to order a pizza

I am one tired, lady. Long week, difficult transition back to work, with sleep schedules, work demands, etc. Geez, I'd just love to pick up the phone and order a pizza, it's just me and DD, and swing by on the way back from picking DD up, and grab the pizza.

I've gone back and forth, multiple times with this thought.

Damn, I just CAN'T!  Ok, there has got to be something around here. So I dug and unearthed this:

Perhaps not what I WANTED, but it fills my stomach (and DD's when she gets home), it's paid for, it needs to be eaten or it'll go bad. I saved. I won!

Now, a cup of Darjeeling tea, and off to bed early!


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you! I wanted to send out for pizza when I got home today to since mom and I had been out but instead we had grilled cheese and soup!

DW said...

Sometimes it feels like that pizza is calling your name, doesn't it?

Good for you! Hope next week is better.

Lisa Richardson said...

Good for you! I am afraid I would have went with the pizza. Lil Ceaser's has Pizzas for 5 dollars. They make it too easy.

Nancy said...

Carol: I feel your pain. It has been a number of years since I worked a 10 1/2 hour day and I just did a whole week of them. To say I was/am tired is an understatement. I probably would have ordered a pizza some time during this week if finances had allowed. In any case I figure by the end of next week I should be used to this schedule and have more energy. Today is menu making day so that will make those dinner ideas much easier. Good for you for resisting temptation.

CTMOM said...

I dig go back and forth on this one, multiple times, fighting the devil on one shoulder (gee, you ARE tired!) vs the angel on the other (you can't afford it right now). I fought and won over the temptation, and was able to pull something together between the fridge (leftover ham and Mexicorn) and freezer (mashed potatoes I froze). My wallet thanks me! What little cash I have MUST last the next 2 weeks until I get paid, and I have to meet my obligations (rent, credit card, lawn service, trash fees, msc food items like milk, 1/2 & 1/2). This is the worst time of year for me, I've been doing this a long time. I just have to dust myself off sometimes and keep going. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, many, many right now have it far worse than I do, and this is is a temporary situation, we have food, bills are paid, etc. I just MUST be ubber careful, in order to meet my goals. A $15 pizza won't help that at all.