Sunday, August 18, 2013

I have been comparing renter's insurance policies ( and while I initially found that I'd save $74 by switching, since I just got my renewal bill for the "old" policy thru the old insurance company, I now know that since I no longer have my car insurance bundled with this company, they are nicely raising the charges for my renter's insurance another $99. So $74 savings plus $99 jacked up price, the other company I was reviewing is looking quite good. Before I sign on the dotted line, I do want to check for any rental ins. programs thru my Union.


Mary Lou said...

My auto insurance company has been trying to get me to bundle for years. I did look into it a couple of years ago and the savings was going to be about $50. I didn't think it was worth the bother of changing, then notifying the mortgage company and any other details that went along with it. I feel they need to make it worth my while.

Anonymous said...

I have my home owners through my credit union. It was much cheaper that way