Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hubbard squash puree: round one

Here's how I've used about 1/2 of the hubbard squash puree from one of the containers I made yesterday: my Pumpkin-spice-chocolate chip muffins, just substituting the squash for pumpkin and using self rising flour instead of AP flour and baking powder. I also used the stewed prune syrup as part of the sweetening.

 As expected, the batter was more loose than usual, so the extra batter was baked in a small broiler pan base that is for my table top, convection oven. I will frost it with the rest of the now lurking tub of crash and burn frosting that I recently opened. With such a small fridge, it pushes me to get things out of there quickly.
Since the oven was hot, another batch of Magic Cookie bars was baked as well today.


Anonymous said...

Yum! I have a squash plant growing that we think is acorn squash. It came up voluntarily. If it produces anything I'll try using it as I would pumpkin.

CTMOM said...

Yes, any Winter squash, pureed, is an easy substitute for pumpkin. Acorn squash is great baked as de-seeded halves, with a pat of butter and some maple syrup poured into the hollowed out well. Also can be stuffed and baked-either a meat mixture or strictly vegetarian as a side dish as well. I also have an acorn squash ring (cut squash as rings, not a bundt cake!) recipe.
let me know if interested, and I'll post it