Monday, August 19, 2013

Gosh! I LOVE Freecycle!

 Yesterday, someone on Freecycle posted several items, including 6 qt Crock Pot up for grabs. Must be gone by Tues, or it would be off to Goodwill. I use mine so much, I've replaced several over the years. 2 of mine are on borrowed time, so I figured, grab it, you never know! Here's the packaging. The box was definately opened at one time, but all of the components were still wrapped in plastic, the paperboard cushion for the lid, even the metal wire ties were still on the handles. This is brand new, in box. Only thing missing was a recipe booklet, but I have several as well as actual CP recipe books, never mind on line resources.
And here she is! It has the lock and load a serving spoon (pictured in front, was included)feature. Not a programmable one, but warm, low, med, high and it's oval, which is what I was hoping as it's great for chicken, turkey breast, roasts, meatloaf, as well as standard fare. Awesome find! I assume that this was an unwanted/needed gift.

This retails for $30 at Walmart:


laura sampson said...

I have that EXACT one! had it for 8 years now and I love it

Anonymous said...

Awesome find!