Saturday, August 17, 2013

Getting ready for Fall projects

We hit Home Depot today, with a list in hand, as I am getting myself ready for some Fall projects. Before we had stopped at the big box store, however, we swung by Habitat for Humanity, where I was able to pick up a pkg of larger eye screws for the shelves that fell off of the powder room wall the other day, and subsequently once more, before I removed them from the room, to my crafting table for repair. HFH had recently received a huge lot of new hardware items, such as the door latch gizmo I recently purchased. I spent another $1 on these eye screws.

I've invested in a sander, dust masks, more sandpaper, grey primer and a bottle of carpet cleaner for the part that is a bit dingy between the kitchen and dining room. High traffic, makes sense. The only thing I couldn't buy was the 2 cans of semi gloss paint, they are out, with a shipment due to come in on Tuesday. I'll again be in the area, I'll swing by. 

The best part of this trip was following a tip I read somewhere that HD will accept competitors coupons. So, as I entered the store, I stopped at customer service and inquired about their policy. Not only will they take Loew's coupons (which I have), but also harbour freight, Ace. Good to know.

I was able to apply a 10% off Loew's coupon and save $8.49 in the process (plus whatever the taxes would have been on that-approx 30 cents. I'll take it, thank you very much.

grocery: $4.19
Household: $76.10

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