Thursday, August 1, 2013

For DW: product review: Sun dish washer detergent

DW-Ok you made me curious, so the dishwasher has been filled and is now running, using Dollar Tree purchased, Sun D/W detergent. I'll let you all know my thoughts.

UPDATE: Ran a very full dishwasher last night, left on air dry setting as usual. Dishes came out really clean, no issues. Note that I do NOT prerinse/wash dishes, unless there is something super gooey such as egg yolk. The dishwasher is emptied in the morning before bfst, and is filled during the course of the day, run after supper. So, some of the dishes "sat" all day.

Very happy with this soap powder and would definately buy it again!


bob robert said...

I have had trouble with the liquid Sun. Looking forward to your review of powder.

Lili said...

Hi carol,
This is exactly what I use. I've bought Dollar Tree's liquid dish detergent and been not pleased at all. But the powder Sun is very good. I run the dishwasher every other day. I rinse starchy foods off, as well as eggs, and any large food particles. Then my dishwasher sits until totally full. So some dishes have been in there 2 days, and they still come out clean.

CTMOM said...

Yes, I got the suggestion from you to try this. Fellow blogger, DW, recently asked if I had yet tried it, which I hadn't until last night. I am actively using up some ancient dishwasher powder from my former home. It's been working fine. I had almost 2, 5 quart buckets full of it. It was a mixture of Cascade, Sunlight, Electrasol powders if I remember correctly. It has saved me from HAVING TO purchase more dish washer detergent this past year, since relocating to this rental home. I have purchased D/W detergent, in addition to the Sun brand you recommended. I have lots of Finish tabs, Sunlight tabs bought really cheaply by combining sales with coupons. I also got a free bottle of Aldi's liquid D/W detergent thru Freecycle. I agree that the liquid dish soap for hand washing dishes from DT was watery, not that great. We tried it, used it up. Not impressed. I'll stick with my Palmolive or Gain bought with coupons/sale. : )

Lili said...

Carol, too funny! I remember you posting on your large supply of detergent that you'd moved with you into your then-new place, but I don't recall what I said in reply.

Before trying the Sun brand, I was a huge Cascade fan. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sun did as good a job in my machine. The only times I have dishes that come out not totally clean is when either I overload the dishwasher (which I do, as I try to get as much in as possible), or if I don't rinse starchy (this is more with cooking pots that present a problem) or egg matter off, or on dinner knives that go into the dishwasher caked with either peanut butter or butter. So, I'd say, any unclean dishes are due to operator error on our part, and not so much the detergent.

The liquid I was referring to in my comment above, was for the automatic dishwasher detergent that Dollar Tree sells. It's lousy for dishwashers. But I have found a good use for it. I use it to clean my cook top -- just squirt a little pool on and wipe with a wet cloth.

You have likely already discovered this, but when you see a product that you like at Dollar Tree, stock up, as they can suddenly run out and not have any for a while. That's how I wound up trying the liquid detergent. They had sold out of the Sun powder, and I needed detergent that day.

CTMOM said...

thanks for clarifying that you meant liquid DISH WASHER detergent at DT, not liquid dishwashing soap for washing in the sink, which again, we tried, didn't like.

DW said...

Well, gosh, I'm flattered!
Thank you!

If I find it at my Dollar Tree, I'll certainly give it a try. It would be wonderful to have a less-expensive alternative.

Oh BTW, Lili, I see Dollar Tree sells this by the case on its Web site. And it looks like you can do in-store pickup. (So if you want to stock up ...)

Lili said...

DW -- interesting on buying it by the case through the website. I'll check into that.