Monday, August 19, 2013


Kind of a dark picture, but this is my newly stripped, kitchen floor. Since moving in a year ago, this floor has been my enemy. I've washed it, scrubbed it with everything I had-while somewhat improved, there remained large patched of golden-tan colored wax that was dirty. I assume that someone used wax on a dirty floor. Monthly, this floor has also been washed by the cleaning company, who wash on their hands and knees. So, I had to look at clean, but built up wax that made the floors look filthy. I was embarrassed. : (

With my shoulder injury and surgery, I just haven't been able to address this until now. I purchased some "safe" although if you read the label, it's pretty caustic!, floor wax stripper and set to work this morning, doing blocks of floor tiles at a time, in a divide and conquer effort as well as to ensure that the chemical didn't dry back on the floor. I rinsed it well, and yes, 95% of the old, icky wax is gone! Yay! Ok, small pleasures in my life. : )

We're moving back this week to "school schedule" with my return to work on Wed, so the boys will be at Dad's this upcoming weekend, when I will try once again, to get to the remaining bits/areas. I also will use a Dollar tree "Mop and glo" product afterwards. Done. So, I have put about $9 into getting this floor where I'd like it to be, and am much happier for my efforts, even if it took me a year to achieve measurable success!

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