Thursday, August 8, 2013

Electrical repair

One perk to renting, is not having to incur home repair costs. Case in point: the second of 2 ceiling fixtures in the dining room, the first one was rewired and the socket housing replaced a few months ago. This second light has been turning on/off, not due to a bad light bulb, for some time now. On Monday evening, however, the lights had been on for only a few minutes when we smelled a burning odor. I immediately shut the lights off, and placed tape over the two switches that control the lights.

I then e-mailed the LL, reporting a hazardous lighting situation, and asking that it be looked at. The LL's handyman phoned this morning, and we made arrangements for the electrician he uses to come over today.

He just left, having replaced the entire electrical line that runs between these 2 ceiling fixtures and again replacing the wiring and housing of the light socket itself.  The wires were fried, as I suspected. An added bonus is that instead of the tiny based, expensive light bulbs that were required for these fixtures, I am now able to use standard based CFL's. I am looking for any means to save money, and keep my expenses as low as possible.

I saved the old, tiny based light bulb as we still have several sconces and chandeliers in this home that require the narrow based bulbs. We'll use what is on hand before buying more.

The electrician told me that the new wiring between the 2 lights is $10 worth of materials, add the new socket, clamps, what have you, plus his hourly rate (no idea, but the HM gets $40), I'll estimate this job to be at least a $50 repair. The electrician was here one hour.

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